Annabelle, The Possessed Doll

This picture shows Lorraine Warren carrying Annabelle the possessed doll.

This picture shows Lorraine Warren carrying Annabelle the possessed doll.

It is quite chilling to think that a demonic spirit can possess something as harmless as a child’s doll. One interesting example of this is Annabelle, a Raggedy Ann doll given to a girl named Donna for graduating nursing school. This doll first began to display odd behaviors when it would subtly move an arm or leg without explanation. Then, the doll began to move itself into different rooms, create notes that said things like “help Lou”, and position itself in ways that were seemingly impossible. Donna and her roommate Angie initially brought in a medium to find out if there was some sort of spirit attached to the doll. The medium claimed that the spirit of Annabelle Higgins was attached to the doll and it just wanted to be loved. However, soon after, Lou was attacked by the doll and critically injured. That was when the roommates decided to call in Ed and Lorraine Warren, the demonologists famous for the Amityville horror case. After looking at the situation, it was determined that it was not a ghost that was controlling the doll. In fact, the doll was possessed by a demon.

Annabelle the doll embodies the ideas of Cohen’s Seven Theses. In particular, it closely relates to second thesis, which states that the monster always escapes and survives. Although Ed and Lorraine had an exorcism performed on Annabelle, the demon did not seem to disappear. Even after it was removed from Donna’s house, it displayed demonic activity at Ed and Lorraine’s house. With the countless exorcisms performed and the measures taken to rid the demon, the doll still showed signs of possession. This is what makes it so monstrous. Also, Annabelle exemplifies the walking dead because although she was not “living” to begin with, she had obtained the ability to express emotions and communicate with others. Originally, Annabelle was merely a doll without ability to move or think.

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